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Past Shows

17.01.2015 @ MTC Cologne

Inkarna EP Release /w: Masuria

17.05.2014 @ Raeren, Belgium

/w: Thanasphere and Itinérant

04.04.2014 @ Bauwagenplatz Köln

/w: Ilydaen and The K

22.11.2013 @ Jugendzentrum Regenbogen

Taste the Rainbow /w Ilydaen

07.09.2013 @ MTC Cologne

/w: Ilydaen

09.05.2013 @ MTC Cologne

/w: Panama Picture

19.01.2013 @ Underground Cologne

Emergenza Bandcontest

23.11.2012 @ MTC Cologne

Special EP Release Show

24.10.2012 @ MTC Cologne

/w: The Beauty of Drowning


Rock am Stock

07.09.2012 @ Muckefuck Bonn

Inddor Festival

02.05.2012 @ Blue Shell Köln

/w: Imaging Sphere and The Beauty of Drowning

10.11.2011 @ MTC Cologne

/w: apRon, Koroded

03.11.2011 @ Werkstatt Köln

Second Horizon - your Gig - Stadtfinale Köln

03.10.2011 @ Blue Shell Köln

/w: maybe a wretch and wind, the only sound

28.09.2011 @ Blue Shell Köln Halbfinale

30.03.2011 @ Blue Shell Köln Qualifikation

About the Band

We consciously renounce vocals in order to leave room for every single instrument for the sake of the songs itself and it's atmosphere. We love to experiment with diverse rhythmic ideas and changing time signatures / tempi. Nevertheless our main concern is to let it all groove – in some cases in a weird way. We cross musical borders and don't want to be reduced to a certain genre, but sure we know our roots: Russian Circles, Mogwai, Tool, Omega Massif, Meshuggah, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Deftones, Isis and so on. The list could go on and on... Despite our big influences we have developed our very own sound, due to our thriving musical and interpersonal synchronicity. During the process of songwriting we are very picky with our ideas and discard those that we are not satisfied with. Even if only one member of the band is not satisfied with an idea. Our prime goal is to make music we would love to hear ourselves as listeners. The listening experience is like a musical journey with pleasant surprises even after pressing „replay“ In 2015 we are diligently working on recording and releasing our thirty minute epic 'Albdruck' as an EP.